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Love Language

Infant/child Massage Lessons

Give your child the gift of massage everyday. Learn a 9-part sequence to help relax your child, bond, develop motor control, improve sensory processing.


Emotions In Action

Princes and Princesses (3-4), Superheroes (5-9); Ninjas (10-14)

Does your child have difficulties managing BIG emotions? Does your child go from 0-60 just like that? Do you wonder what you are doing wrong as a parent or feeling like no one is able to help you?  This After-school or Daycare enrichment program is designed with your child in mind.  Your child will learn age-appropriate strategies to name emotions and recognize where the emotions live in his body. Lastly, he will learn strategies to use at the moment to help create space between IMPULSE and ACTION.  Additionally, there are weekly parent support calls to address areas of concern and strategies to implement the lessons at home.


Synergistic Kids

1:1 Support for learning, coordination, behavioral and emotional challenges

Do you feel that your child is "stuck" in one or more areas of development?  Some things come so easily for her, but other areas are incredibly challenging.  Perhaps she has been seen for OT to address sensory processing issues or she been seen by a speech and language pathologist.  Your child may have known diagnoses like dyslexia, ADHD or Autism. The missing link underpinning ALL areas our development is well-integrated primary reflexes.


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